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About this Site

This is the new site for the Border Ranges Alliance Atlas of Living Australia project. The project focuses on recording connectivity conservation activities in the Border Ranges (Great Eastern Ranges Initiative) region to compile and store activity data in the one location. This will allow the collaborative efforts of Border Ranges groups to be reported.

The initial focus of the project is development and refinement of activity recording forms to improve the functionality of the system. The recording forms will continue to be added to, allowing more types of activities to be included, and to build on the types of 'outputs' that can be measured.

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To record data in this system you will need to be registered. Simply Sign In and click on the link to register.
When the system administrator has activated your account you will receive an email advising that you are ready to start recording.

Latest Statistics

Number of users 9
Total number of records 187
Number of species recorded 34

The Border Ranges Alliance has many groups involved including federal, state and local government groups, non-government groups, Landcare, Indigenous and environmental advocacy groups. The Alliance is overseen by a working group. For more information see the Border Ranges Alliance website (www.borderrangesalliance.org.au).

The Border Ranges Alliance thanks the Atlas of Living Australia for the opportunity to develop this data recording system.


Please direct all enquiries to:

Georgia Beyer
Facilitator Border Ranges Alliance
Nature Conservation Trust of NSW
e: georgiab@nct.org.au
Ph: (02) 6626 0304

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